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The Pilates Principle was started in 2003 by Nuhar Jaleel, a licensed physical therapist, and a Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise instructor. For almost two decades, we have been delivering unparalleled instruction in the Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise methods. Our physical studio is breathtaking and provides an exceptional environment for your workout regimen, and our staff is not only highly educated in anatomy and biomechanics, but we know how to modify the classical Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercises for many conditions. Anybody can do Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise with the proper instruction. Whether your goal is rehabilitative/therapeutic, sport specific, or general fitness, we can deliver the appropriate regimen for you.


Our GYROTONIC® studio

is now located downstairs

alongside the Pilates studio!


Pilates, GYROTONIC® Exercise, or Both?

See our montage video to get a visual of both methods.

The Pilates system’s strengths include providing an initial core awareness. Pilates also delivers ample opportunity for weight-bearing and closed-chain exercise. Most of the movements are more linear in nature.

The GYROTONIC® system has a strong focus on spiraling or rotational movements of the trunk and extremities, and is extremely beneficial for those who do unilateral sports that involve rotation (golf, tennis, hockey, etc). Most of the movements feel like a tangible stretch due to the nature of the equipment.

Some enjoy the feeling of the spring resistance in Pilates. Others prefer the aquatic-like resistance of GYROTONIC® exercise. Both provide strength training without impact or strain on the joints. Both methods have apparatus-based exercises, and mat-based exercises that don’t utilize any equipment; the mat portion of GYROTONIC® exercise is called GYROKINESIS®.

The Pilates Principle
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